Abstract Submissions & Updates


All participants wishing to present their research at the PRCR2023 are welcomed to submit an abstract through the conference’s Indico Portal. The conference’s tracks are listed below.

To submit an abstract, please use your preferred template, LaTeX (source) or Word (download), to overwrite your abstract. The templates are also available for downloading in Indico, on the “Overview” page. Please follow the formatting guidelines detailed on the templates. In particular, make sure there are no page numbers in your document. Also note:

  • In order to be considered, abstract must be submitted online, through the Indico portal. You will need to create a CERN Indico user (unless, for personal reasons, you already have CERN access). Please use the “External Guest” option.
  • Abstract should be written in English.
  • Please submit the PDF version of your abstract, and hold on to the LateX or Word version in case any revision is required.

Conference Tracks

General Symposia

  • G01. Polymer Solutions and Melts
  • G02. Industrial Rheology in Polymer Processing
  • G03. Blends, Composites and Nanocomposites
  • G04. Suspensions and Colloids
  • G05. Emulsions and Foams
  • G06. Self-assembly and Flow-induced Systems and Gels
  • G07. Biomaterials and Biological Systems
  • G08. Solids, Glasses and Granular Systems
  • G09. Active Matter
  • G10. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Stability
  • G11. Cellulose and Lignin Rheology
  • G12. Rheology in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • G13. Rheology in the Mining Industry

Special Symposia
(By invitation only)

  • S01. Founding Members of CSR-Commemorative Symposium
  • S02. Hiroshi Watanabe – Honorary Symposium

Poster Session

  • Posters on any topic of rheological interest